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out with the old, in with the genuine [Aug. 15th, 2006|11:26 am]
[Current Mood |anxiousanxious]
[Current Music |Animal Collective - Purple Bottle]

I'm not like them, I won't buy in. How ironic.

I've liked The Academy Is... since they released their EP years and years ago. They had close to no fans and the fans they did have were genuine and actually in it for the music and the music alone. oh how I miss those days. so refreshing.

Fast forward....more....more...STOP.


When it comes to TAI it is rarely about the music anymore or at least that is an ongoing vibe I get from the fans. I believe that it started with the music and intentions were good but now things are pretty shallow. Fans only seem to care about what the boys are doing in their lives: where they are, who they're friends with, who they're dating, what outfits they wear and anything else completely irrelevant. I'm of course not talking about all fans because we all know their is a small handful of us who are still genuine and sane for that matter. The rest... are like parasites (brandies word, not mine). They're there to inevitibly bring the rest of us down. These people are making the music that we love, they're are friends not gossip material. I could care less when it all comes down to it. I guess you could say, I'm just surprised and somewhat dissappointed. It's always been about the music for me and I didn't want it any other way and yet people try to suck me into it just the same. Not my style.

I love The Academy Is... and Fueled By Ramen, don't get me wrong. I worked for them proudly all summer on Warped Tour. It's just SOME of the fans that come with it. I don't know if its a rule or what but close to all seem to have some other perrogative other than the music. If its not The Academy Is... that is getting eaten up by the scene its Gym Class Heroes...Panic! At The Disco...oh and we must not forget the newest to the crowd, Cute Is What We Aim For. Now, all of these bands are good bands. Fueled By Ramen has the habit of signing really catchy bands that even if you don't like them...you will remember their songs. Good job boys. The point is...when I first got involved with all this music...it was exactly that...music. I didn't care about their lives and blah blah blah. What Travis McCoy and William Beckett do are their business and their business alone. Why don't these kids get off their backs. Do they think its fun...endearing...appropriate. Not quite.

Can we stick to whats important here...oh you don't know what it is? No...its not the boys..no not their clothes..or their hair...their dance moves? oh well you're getting closer...I can see you're thinking hard...almost there...RIGHT. THE MUSIC.