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your so-called music scene...you don't mean a thing to me [Aug. 20th, 2006|02:26 pm]
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[Current Music |Landon Pigg - Keep Looking Up]

Okay so it’s been awhile since I've updated...a long while. A lot has happened...a lot has changed. Let’s do a re-cap shall we? Yes...we should but before then lets do a long over-due introduction of people that will be present in my life during warped.

.metal - fueled by ramen co-worker
.travie - gym class heroes singer
.eric - gym class heroes bass
.sashi - gym class heroes guitar
.tyler - gym class heroes keyboard
.RJ - evaline singer
.christian - evaline guitar
.dom - evaline guitar
.steve - evaline bass
.drummer steve - evaline drums
.ben lashes - lashes singer
.bill/william - academy is singer
.butcher - academy is drums
.mike - academy is guitar
.tom - academy is guitar
.sisky - academy is bass
.nate - academy is tech
.chris - fftl/hopeless merch (bff)
.Jillian - download punk (bff)
.katherine - TAI merch
.chris v - TAI merch
.steve - GCH merch
.tom - GCH video
.Beth - Warner Bros
.Mikey - Warner Bros
.Casey - metals friend that I totally stole and love
.Janelle - bff from school
.Brandie - bff from life

I think that's a decent description of most of the ppl that I interact with everyday. So when I mention names...it will make sense.

June 18 - Minneapolis, MN

June 21 - Nashville, TN

June 22 - Jacksonville, fl
+ meeting Casey, love her dearly
- missing most of evalines set due to misunderstanding of set times
+ Casey buying an evaline cd
- hangover bill
+ the scenery
+ apologetic bill coming on the bus to show me a new academy song

*the new academy song is insane. It blew me away. I was so not ready for it. I think the new cd will be better than almost here. Don't get me wrong almost here is wonderful but the cd doesn't stand a chance to their live show. The live show seemed so much quicker and real compared to the cd recording. With the new song, I think it will have as much hype on cd as it will live. The lyrics illustrate everything. It’s perfect. Summertime. The academy is... new.

June 23 - Tampa, fl
+ meeting Erick (my boss) from fueled by ramen
+ meeting john janick from fbr
+ meeting Johnny minardi
+ gym class heroes show on Hurley
- the weather, it was so hot
+ being next to the water all day
+ night walk with eric on the beach

June 24 - Miami, fl
+ the academy is... acoustic
- hurricane and being soaked and cold
+ closing early
+ not loading the truck
+ hanging with eric all night
+ the scenery...pier, bridges, water...

June 26 -Charleston, sc
+ watching evaline and recording a video of them performing, "a protest in lines too thin to read." Thanks Rae
+ dinner with bill
- lack of kids = boring day

June 28-atlanta, ga
+ Casey coming to hang with me again
+ getting a new fbr tent
+ hanging with Casey that night. It was her bday and it was awesome to be there with her
+ huge dance party
- saying goodbye to Casey
= love Georgia

6.29: day off: Lake Charles, LA

+ sleeping in until 10
+ not cleaning up rubble in New Orleans
+ Tyler, Beth, Mikey and Kirby coming over drunk. It was hilarious.
+ eating Papa Johns
- waking up at 3 a.m. for bus call
- not being able to go back to sleep

6.30: Houston, TX

- mosquitoes
+ Academy Is… having a water gun fight
+ Bill in shorts. love it.
+ Tom and Sisky drenching me
+ Evalines tent right beside mine. I could hang with them all day with no effort
+ Christian coming to talk to me for quite awhile to cure my boredom
+ hanging with Paramore
+ meeting Evaline at Sonic
+ RJ buying me socks (who even does that? What a sweetheart).

7.3: Las Cruces, NM

+ lovely venue and weather
+ close to Evaline tent
+ close to the bus = frequented bus trips
+ watching As Tall As Lions with Bill…love them
+ Bill singing 7 Weeks with Travie for the first time
+ going out to eat with Evaline
+ barely making bus call
+ knowing I get to see Brandie the next day

7.4: Phoenix, AZ

+++ Brandie, my best friend ever came to this show
+ seeing Evaline, Academy, Paramore, Gym Class with Brandie
- the day going by too fast
- Brandie leaving
- 2 a.m. bus call turning into 1130 bus call
+ Butchers B-day
+ getting the Evaline shirt Brandie made me and seeing her wear hers

7.5: day off: San Diego,CA

+ early afternoon swim with Metal and Eric
+ beach with Bill
+ big waves and wide smiles
+ long walks and good talks
+ cool water and hot sand
+ warm rays and faint tans
+ contentment and broken plans
+ pizza with Eric, Metal, Steve, Tom and Sisky
+ hotel room
- missing Brandie
+ San Diego scenery

7.6: San Diego, CA

+ beautiful weather
+ surprise visit from one of my best friends from home, Janelle
+ gossiping with her
+ seeing her in general
- Janelle leaving at 9 when I had a 2am bus call

Spending those two days in San Diego sure made me have a new perspective on it

7.7: Pomona, CA

+ getting free shoes
+ breakfast with Chris
+ family showing up:
+ it was so lovely to see my mom, Brandon and matt
+ introducing my mom to everyone.
I’m very thankful and very proud that she is my mom. She makes me really happy.
+ watching Academy, Gym Class and Evaline with my mom. She loved Academy and took lots of photos. It was adorable. I introduced her to William haha that’s all she wanted to do all day. It was great. She originally didn’t want to stay for Evaline because they were coming on pretty late and she was tired. I talked her into it though. I would have been pissed if she wouldn’t have watched. It’s a good thing she waited to see them because she loved them. Go figure. I love that she loves what I love.
+ I watched Paramore with my brother which was so awesome. He loves them and I was able to introduce him to all of them and take him side stage. He loved it so much haha even more than Academy. I get to so happy when I can make him happy.
+ Academy gave my family a whole bunch of free stuff, they’re sweethearts.
- I was really bummed to see my family leave. I couldn’t believe how excited I was to see my mom. She’s gorgeous and I love her so much.

7.8: San Francisco, CA

If I could live anywhere, it would be San Francisco. The weather was beautiful. I missed unloading the truck that morning because I was walking around the city listening to de lotus on my ipod. It was such a lovely way to start the morning. The sea breeze, the view of tall buildings and the ocean on both sides. Could it get any better? Doubtful. Finally found the venue and saw that Metal already had everything set up. I felt like an asshole. Anyways, my bff from school, Lyssa called me to tell me she was there. I was way excited because I didn’t know if she was going to be able to make it or not. I was way sick that morning but she definitely lifted my spirits. She looked beautiful. It was so refreshing to see her. We gossiped and caught up on everything that we’ve missed. I introduced her to Gym Class Heroes and Evaline. She reunited with Paramore haha. It was nice to have the “gang” together, if only for a second. We watched Academy Is…, which was really really good and Paramore and of course Evaline. He had never seen them before but I had been ranting and raving about them for forever. She loved it. After the show we met up with Evaline and went around San Francisco and then ended up at the Hilton at a hotel party. It was fun, but Lyssa left pretty early. That was a bummer. I miss her. But it was nice, RJ was tired so he went ni night on my lap. How he can do that while everyone is drinking and laughing, I have no idea. We called it a night at 1:30 am concluding one of the best nights on tour.

7.10: day off: Ventura, CA

It started off pretty lame. Metal and I went to the mall to eat at Red Robin. RJ and I had been trying to hang out all day but it just wasn’t working out. Although, I did randomly see him at the mall and at this crazy thrift store. It was pretty random. We were supposed to go see Nacho Libre that night but it got too hectic and confusing. So instead, after the mall, I met Chris halfway and we went to buy medicine for me because I was super sick and then had taco bell and went to do laundry. Hahah we played Terminator and Pac man there. I suck but it was pretty awesome. Then we come back we were going to watch Milo&Otis, but decided to just watch Southpark and then went to sleep.

7.11: Ventura, CA
+ seeing Linds, Jules and Todd
+ in n out with metal and Chris
+ seeing paramore at in n out and Ajax jumping over me and Hayley.
+ seeing evaline at in n out

7.12: Los Angeles, CA

+/- being in L.A. in general. It was bittersweet.
+ breakfast with Christian and Steve Dave --- good talks
+ seeing Linds, Jules and Todd again
+ Janelle coming to hang out
+ watching Gym Class and Evaline with Linds, Jules and Todd
+ hanging with Bill and watching The Phrase That Pays video
+ meeting Bills sister – she’s a sweetheart
+ Janelle bringing me a grilled cheese café 101
+ introducing Janelle to Bill and RJ
- saying goodbye to Janelle

7.13: Sacramento, CA

+ breakfast with Steve and Christian
+ barely doing any work
- being ridiculously tired
+ hanging out with Chris’ tent most of the day
+ seeing RJs friends from the San Fran hotel party again, they’re wonderful girls.
+ Christians brother bringing me a burrito
- so many huge mosquito bites

7.14: Boise, ID

Okay…so heres a story. A good story, I may add. I stayed with RJ the night before because he wanted company for the long drive, as did I. We were supposed to be heading to Boise, but their bus broke down so we didn’t end up making it to Boise. Instead we missed a day of Warped and had an unexpected, but wonderful day off in Baker City, OR. It was a very much needed/wanted day off. I had just been saying to RJ the night before that I wanted a day off and so be it hahah. We got to sleep which was lovely. Then we went to breakfast and this little diner which was great because I love breakfast all the time. Then we took another nap. Woke up and had some Chinese food in this little tiny town. There was absolutely nothing there. After dinner we decided to go see You, Me and Dupree with Dom in this crazy movie theatre. The theatre was tiny, it only played like 3 movies and you had to walk down long creepy hallways to get to the room to watch the movie. There was no door to the room, just a curtain. The screen was tiny and the seats creaked. So basically, it was awesome. Really, it was. It was like being in another era or something. Not to mention that the movie was pretty funny. After the movie we went back to bed haha. We just lay there for ever. We had such a lazy day but it was wonderful. I felt bad because Metal had to run the booth by himself but he didn’t even mind and completely understood my situation. I’m so glad I went with him that night because I so would have been bummed to be at Warped without Evaline.

7.15: Seattle, WA

7.16: Portland, OR

+ Dane coming to visit me. I hadn’t seen him since the cruise to Mexico
+ closing the booth at 6:30 instead of 8
+ Bill coming by the tent to tell me that Academy was playing acoustic and to come watch. So sweet.
+ acoustic Academy, gosh it’s lovely
+ the beautiful weather, I love Oregon
+ watching 40 Year Old Virgin with Chris

7.17: day off: Vancouver, Canada

- border check at 7 am
+ everything about Canada…the weather…the people…the places
+ getting two new dresses
+ riding the sky rail and watching the city fly by
+ meeting up with Chris
+ Chris and I going to a revolving restaurant and then walking out two minutes later to go to a lil sushi place
+ getting sushi and getting shots of sake. So good
What a wonderful day, I love Vancouver

7.18: Vancouver, Canada

+ the weather
+ being able to drink warm coffee
+ watching Moneen in their home town
+ closing at 6:30
+ hanging with Evaline at their tent till they closed
+ Dom sword fighting with a pool stick
+ the boys singing along to Motion City Soundtrack
+ Pita Pit with the boys

7.19: Revelstoke, Canada

Today was one of the best days of tour. Actually, I think it was the best day of tour. I rode with Evaline the night before so I got to spend the day off with them. RJ and I went to bed when it was getting light out as always so we woke up pretty late and went to this pub for lunch. It was fun but the only the start of a great day. After lunch we went to a sex shop haha wow that was interesting. Some ridiculous things in there. Then we took showers which took forever because it was like 10 people and 1 shower. Hours later we went to ear Mexican food haha yeah…Mexican food in Canada. It was good though and I had a guava margarita and a watermelon daiquiri. Watermelon was so good. Christian and I shared a Mexican desert that was delicious. We were there for forever, but it was lovely. Then we went to a grocery store and a liquor store. We found a cat on the roof on the way there. The boys tried to get him down but didn’t succeed. Some of the guys bought absent (sp?) which is warm wood infused alcohol. It’s illegal in the states so we took advantage of it. We all took shots of it and it was actually pretty good, very warm. Afterwards we went to this pub. I met Bill there and chatted with him while he played pool. He bought me drinks: sweetheart. Let it be known that William Beckett is the most generous person I’ve ever met. On more than one occasion. It’s very refreshing. After the pub, we headed to the club, “the rock pit” haha. Before we knew it we were all on the dance floor dancing to Def Leppard and Daft Punk. Many random occurrences…Dom and Christian dancing on the platform. Dom punching RJ in the nose (accidentally) and RJ falling on the ground laughing. Dancing between Bill and Travie. Bill warning me of Travies drunkenness. Travie being all over Bill. Making RJ dance to Pour Some Sugar On Me. Thheennn….sleepover.

7.20: Calgary, Canada

• worst day of tour
+ evaline set was good as always (every day)
+ hanging with Christian before closing
- the venue, the scenery, the dust
- falling asleep in the tent all day
+ lunch with Bill, Nate and Tony
- Chris getting kicked off my bus by Marc.ugh.
- being scared that Chris wasn’t going to find another ride back to the states
- border check at 1 am
+ seeing Chris there with Underoath and running to give him a hug
+ being so happy he was alright
+ finally being able to sleep

7.21: Helena, Montana

+ Chris’ bus parked right behind mine, making it easy for us to hang out
+ Chris buying me starbucks and lunch. I hadn’t had starbucks in forever
+ going swimming and hot tubbing with metal and Chris
+ napping in a very comfy bed to the Dears
+ riding in the back of a pizza truck to the movies
+ seeing Lady in the Water with metal, Chris, underoath and moneen
+ paying some kids to drive us back to our bus
+/- sneaking Chris on the bus haha

7.23: Denver, CO

7.24: day off: Salina, Kansas

+ talking with my grandma (I missed her dearly)
+/- walking like 2.5 miles to the mall/movies haha
+ buying 6 pairs of earrings in this hippie store
+ running into Sisky and Bill at the mall
+ going to see Lady in the Water again
*Congratulations to Gym Class Heroes on their Record Release

7.25: Saint Louis, MO

- Metal not getting to the venue till late so I had to unload and set up everything by myself
+ setting up next to Jillian, Chris and Graham
- being a very long, hot, boring day
+ dinner with Bill (love our talks, so much)
+ not having to load the truck
+ being able to take a shower, so lovely
+ Bill playing horseshoes
- Bill hurting his knee playing horseshoes
+ listening to lots of great music (a little ME time)
+ seeing Academy at the truck stop
+ Bill being “sophisticated drunk” off of a bottle of wine haha
+ taking random photos with Bill at the truck stop
** I’ll take my chances on truck stops and statelines
- not sleeping well

7.27: Pittsburgh, PA

7.31: day off: Cleveland, OH

- doing laundry in the ghetto and in the swamp hahah
+ eating at this little Greek place in the mall…yum
+ walking around Cleveland and going to the Rock n Roll hall of fame
+ going to dominos at like 11 with RJ and Christian

8.2: Fitchburg, MA

- waking up with something wrong with my eye
- having to go to the hospital
- taking forever to find the hospital
- going to 4 pharmacies to find the right medicine
- today just sucked

8.3: Philadelphia, PA

+ Evaline playing Hurley, it was so lovely
+ not really working cause my eye was still messed up
+ watching Bill play acoustic, especially The Phrase That Pays (Nashville version) xoxo
+ getting a random text message from Ben Lashes saying that he would be coming to Warped to say HI. Love him.
+ going to the city to get pizza and walk around
+ Ben finally showing up and 2 am just for me to say Hi to him for like 20 minutes. But it was better than nothing. It was really good to see him so unexpectedly. Awe.

8.5: New York, NY

+ Evaline playing Hurley again, it’s amazing. I’m so proud and so thankful.
+ seeing Stephanie from old Academy shows. It was good to see such a familiar face, I loved it.
+ going to New York City for the first time ever.
+ walking around the city and then going to get dinner or desert, rather at this little café
+ splitting the best Apple Pie ever with RJ. It’s honestly the best pie I’ve ever had. It was great
+ falling asleep on the way “home” from NYC
**what a wonderful day, I can’t believe I finally got to experience New York

8.6: Englishtown, NJ

++++ Evaline playing Main stage. How wonderful is that. I was the happiest girl that day.
+ selling Evaline Cds because they had to leave early for some Warner Bros BBQ.
+ spending all day with Ally, I totally love her
+ getting a shower

8.7: day off, New York, NY

+ spending the off day in NYC even though we were supposed to be in North Carolina.
+ walking around NYC in the day time for the first time haha. Really enjoying it.
+ eating at this little place and having a really good egg and bacon sandwich
+ spending a great deal of time in a huge bookstore. I love looking at so many different books. It went on forever
+ going to Virgin Megastore and seeing the Evaline record there. So awesome.
+ buying Bottle Rocket and Placebo live in Paris
+ eating at this little Thai place with Steve, Sean, RJ and Lonnie
+ going back to the apple pie place AGAIN. So good.
+ watching Bottle Rocket with RJ, especially since he’s never seen it. I love that movie, dearly. So cute
** Such a lovely day off, I love NYC.

8.9: Virginia Beach, Virginia

+++ Evaline playing main stage again. It’s the best feeling. I love it so much.
+ being next to Evalines merch tent all day
+ watching Sherwood
+ finishing reading Survivor, such a good book.

8.10: Bristow, D.C.

+ the weather was beautiful and so gloomy
- being so ridiculously sad because I knew it was my last REAL day
+ spending a descent amount of time in Evalines tent
+ Quinn helping me back all of my stuff, thanks girl. I really appreciate it
+ Hanging with the Academy boys for a bit for all the goodbyes. I’m going to really miss those boys, especially Bill and Sisky. Awe.

8.11: Cleveland, OH

My last day of tour. Oh gosh, was it so terrible. I was in a hurry because I wanted to make him a mix CD before I had to leave. I rushed outside since I overslept as always and helped Metal with setting up the tent. It was going to be a hectic day I knew it from the start. I had an hour before doors opened to get ready, and get everything else packed. Afterwards, I ran to watch Evaline play which was amazing as always. I almost cried during the set like 5 times just because I knew it was going to be the last time I saw them for who knows how long. The boys dedicated the set to me, which was so touching. That of course made me want to cry as well. I had been trying not to cry for days now. I had to keep it together. All the guys wrote a note for me on posters and gave it to me before I left. Right after the show I had to call a cab and leave for the airport. I didn’t even have time to say Goodbye to everyone, ugh I hated it. The cab showed up quicker than I expected and I had to hurry and get my bags. RJ walked me to the cab. Then I look up and all of Evaline is standing there with sad faces and their hands all over the cab as its moving away. It was like a dramatic movie scene. So of course now I’m really trying my hardest not to cry. I open up the posters. Once I started reading those, I couldn’t hold it back any longer, I just began to cry so much. The cabby probably thought I was crazy. It was Doms letter that really made me cry. But every single one of them meant so much to me. Every single one of those boys meant so much to me. I love them all dearly. I really found a group of people that I could really connect with and relate to, it was so refreshing. When I left, it was like leaving/losing 7 best friends. I know I will see them again, it’s just hard to go from spending every day with certain people that you enjoy so much to not seeing them at all or even to talking to most of them. Eventually I got to the airport and I checked in and blah blah. I start listening to some music and of course I start crying again in the middle of the airport. I put on huge black glasses so people don’t think I’m crazy and try to keep to myself as much as possible. I waited quite awhile for the plane. This guy thought I was Paris Hilton when I was there cause I was sitting down and I had my big glasses on. Wtf. Weirdo. I cry the whole way to Las Vegas. It was terrible. Ugh. I finally stop but only because the Darvocet kicked in and I finally fell asleep to wake up in Ontario airport to be greeted by my mom, brother and grandma. It was comforting but I was still sad. I came home to my grandparents and aunt from Michigan. It was nice to see everyone but I was so beat I just wanted to sleep. So I did. Needless to say, I’ve felt better.

Annndd…that was the jist of Warped Tour. I couldn’t possibly describe to anyone how amazing it really was. It changed my life. Everyone that I met and that took part in my life during those two months have really had an impact in one way or another. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to be a part of something as wonderful as this. I met so many great people and discovered quite a bit new music.

Most importantly, I want to thank the ones that were such a huge part of my life for two months: Everyone and everything to do with Evaline, Metal, Jillian, Chris, ALL of our teamers (thank you so much, you were so much help, you have no idea), Gym Class Heroes, The Academy Is…, Paramore, Brendan, Catherine, Chris V, Graham, Warner Brothers, Keith Jenkins, Tom, Paul and many more that I’m sure I’m forgetting at this moment. Especially since its 3 am. I love you all and Warped Tour wouldn’t have been the same without you.

**Candids coming in next post.