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Making big plans for the summer [Aug. 26th, 2006|01:11 pm]
[Current Music |The Academy Is... - NEW]

Here are the following candids from the tour...there are quite a few so it may take awhile to load. I miss everyone dearly.


RJ & I....dazed and comfortable

Chris, Graham and I. neighbors.

Metal and Kirby...ummm yeah..

Metal, Kirby and Mikey...ummm wow...

Drummer oh so concentrated.

Dom, all smiles.



Taken by Sean...thank you.

Steve Dave and the usual.

Lonnie and the usual.

Arejay and I. Mannequins.


Arejay and Chuck...a couple of my favorite things.

Sometimes there aren't any words. Just expressions like this.

Seans beard is cooler than yours...

Umm yes...let me see if we have that size....uhh yeahh...

Introducing Metal the Great.


Tigers and lions and BEARS...OH MY!


Slightly inebriated boys and a not-so-friendly-kitty

Yes that IS a giant bunny and Yes Metal IS naked.

Metal gets the ladies.

1 a.m. apple pie.

...and ice cream.

no...public restrooms arent ghetto...why do you say that?

Benny and Joon?

smiles and hugs

and awkward snubs

oh yeah and thats just arejay

The Ghost of Jessy...its the Placebo effect

S'mores...s'more what?

Seaman & Dia

Arejay toasted the marshmallow...no Jessy, its not funny...OH, but it is.

Alcohol and fireworks

Toasted skin

Sisky Business

Nasty Nate is a favorite

Lonnie is most likely cooler than you...sorry.

Sean not-so-bearded.

awe bff Jillian...miss you girl

bff Chris...love him...miss him

Katherine is way too cute

Chris...who I like to call a teddy bear

Steve was pretty bad ass

awe so cute together

Sean loves his Sushi

...but Lonnie is King of Sushi

Arejay getting ready for it

straws? chopsticks? whats the difference?

Awwee I miss Sean and our merch tent talks

so cute, i love this photo

Fueled By Ramen team will rock your socks off

getting money out to buy MeWithoutYou merch

awe Paul...lovely neighbor

That is all for the Warped candids as far as my camera goes. There was a lot of other photos on TAI cameras and Evaline cameras but yeah. What a beautiful two months, I will never forget them.