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when I sleep I still can feel it [Aug. 26th, 2006|02:29 pm]
[Current Music |Landon Pigg - Last Stop]

wow...so now that I'm done with all the warped tour updating lets move on.

I got home from Warped I had about 2 days to unpack and get settled in as much as possible before I had to leave again to LA and San Francisco.

I picked Brandie up from the airport on the 15th and we went to Victoria Gardens, I bought some clothes as she provided me with wonderful company. We came home and packed for LA the next day.

I was on the guestlist for the Snakes on a Plane soundtrack premiere at the Keyclub. So we headed down there from my parents house and of course one of the first things that happen is that I got a speeding ticket. blah. I've gotten pulled over like 6 times and no speeding ticket..ugh, I guess my luck ran out. So that was a bummer but anyways we made it to LA on time. There was a lot of people there but most of them I knew. Lots of label people and lots of band people and lots of people from warped tour. It was great to see everyone again: GCH, TAI, FOB, Atlantic friends, Warner Bros friends, friends from Atlanta and etc. I missed Eric from Gym Class and Bill from Academy much so it was wonderful to see them. Now the show was amazing. It started off with The Sounds which was good for an opener, Maya is just adorable. After them, Gym Class played an acoustic set and Patrick from FOB came out and sang Cupids Chokehold with Travis. Then Jacks Mannquin came on and Andrew was rediculously drunk but he still managed to play a fine set. He played one less song then he was supposed to because he talked so much. um yeahhh. Thennnnn the highlight of my night, by far. The Academy Is... errr... William Beckett? Bill just came out with his acoustic guitar and sang some songs. It was the first time he had ever done that so I could tell her was nervous but he played and sang beautifully. sang better than he played haha but thats why he is the singer. Travie came out and sang with him at one point and messed him on guitar and then they ended up kind of doing a little mini parody haha, it was hilarious. I almost cried during that set hah go figure. Somehow that voice always gets to me. After Bill, Cobra Starship played. haha wow was it nuts. Very jiggy if ya know what I'm saying. you pretty much dance your ass off. Their last song was the Snakes on a Plane theme song which is Cobra Starship + Bill + Maya + Travie. It was so wonderful seeing all of them up there together, it sounded so good. The last band to play was Fall Out Boy. It was a good show, I wanted them to play Chicago is so two years ago but they didn't. It was a good set just the same. It was one of the best shows I've been to, it had many of my fave bands. I loved it. After the show we went to the afterparty which was pretty out of control. I mostly hung with Bill, Sisky, Eric and Disashi. After the party I went to the hotel with my friends from Atlanta and we just talked to like 5 am haha. I woke up the next day at 8 am to a parking ticket. wow a parking ticket and a speeding ticker in a matter of 24 hours, lovely. oh well.

Today we had the Snakes on a Plane movie premiere and Manns Chinese Theatre. We were missing The Lashes play in Anaheim for it and I was so bummed. I didn't wanted to go but I pretty much kind of had to. Brandie and I went to lunch and walked around the Hollywood and Highland mall for forever. We finally met up with Nicole and just hung outa little bit and finally it was time for the movie and the red carpet and all the drama. It was weird walking down the red carpet especially with press saying your name... haha thanks Gian. Me and the girls made it to our seats. We pretty much gossiped through the opening speech thing and the whole movie haha. The movie was rediculous, duh. The best part was hearing Gym Class in the movie and then watching the Cobra Starship Supergroup video at the end. We all cheered for Travie when he came on the screen. It was great. I'm so incredibly proud of all those boys, TAI especially. It was so funny during the movie...since Samuel L. Jackson was there..everytime he would come on the screen everyone would clap for him. It was hilarious. After the movie we all just hung outside for awhile and talked. Bill looked gorgeous all dressed up...everyone did...its so different compared to seeing everyone all grungy on warped tour haha. Afterwards we were going to go to an afterparty but decided against it because we just wanted to chill out. We went back to the hotel...eric and I were supposed to hang out later when he got back from the party but I was too tired. We got some sleep and dreamed about the Lashes show that will be taking place the following day.

We woke up the next morning and then hung out in LA until the Lashes show since it was at the house of blues which was right next to our hotel. I was so excited to see the lashes, I hadn't seen them in 2 months. It was making me crazy. I missed Ben so much, even though I did see him once on tour. Anyways we got front row for the lashes, duh. The set was gorgeous...some new songs that I have never heard and some old favorites. During their hit they had this little kid band called Wild Youth come out and cover their song. It was so cute, these kids were like 10. They did a mighty fine job to, I must say. My face hurt from smiling throughout the whole set haha. I love it so much. After it was over, I hung out with their merch girl, Natalie for a bit and picked up some Lashes merch. Nate came out for a bit and talked with Brandie and I and then finnnallyy Ben came out. It was so good to see him. we talked and talked and then unfortunately I had to go because we had quite the drive back. I didn't get a chance to say bye which was a huge bummer. It got too hectic.

This photo wasn't from that night...I didn't take any. This was from when Ben came to visit me on warped tour, I didn't post t in the entry before this so here it is. he is so gangsta sometimes. awe I miss him.

I had the greatest 3 days with my Atlanta girls and Brand E. Thanks girls for everything, you're wonderful. Cobra...Boa...Viper...know that Black Mamba loves you.

DRIVE HOME. SLEEP. but only for a little bit.

I didn't take any photos in LA...sometimes it feels good not to play photographer and just enjoy the moment.